24 June 2010


Like many people in the world, I also become a victim of the spoiled charm of the Italian country, its culture, food, landscapes, fashion of course, but not the Italians as a people and their way of thinking! All this of course is the result of my stay in Rome for almost 4 years, for which were blamed my mother and my father:) I feel that a big part of my heart stayed there, at the Fontana di Trevi, between the thousands of coins thrown from people with some sort of violent wish to return to the eternal city for one last romantic experience, and to eat their favorite ice cream with a taste of Cassata Siciliana, a hot piece of pizza Bianca or a short coffee which is drunk in a sip. They want to return one last time to catch a glimpse of these fascinating men with dark skin, curly hair, RayBan glasses, blue Armani shirt and mysterious smile or for the ladies with messy blond hair, freckles from tanning, gold necklaces, riding their bikes around the streets with boutiques and all their valuables packed in a huge transparent Fendi bag.
I love this whole picture and that's why I repeatedly return to see them again and again, that's why I talk their language and for my greatest regret I have to work with them here in Bulgaria hahah.
Enough with my descriptions, I found an interesting article about the typical elements of the street style clothing of the Italians and I decided to share them..on the pictures below is me in Milan last summer.

Here are 10 tips on how to capture that Italian street style. The Italians have it all. Gorgeous countryside, scrumptious food and stunning men and women abound in that country. One other thing they're know for? Fashion. After all, Milan, Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world. But fashion in Italy isn't simply found on its runways. The country's street style is always on point.


  1. Patterned Blazer Street style is all about standing out. This is why a patterned blazer will stand out in a sea of solid colors. A checkered pattern is perfect for this style.
  2. Newsboy Cap Accessories are the key to completing any outfit. Hats are one of the perfect accessories for this feature. A newsboy cap is a classic style, but many will work. Just avoid the baseball cap at all costs!
  3. Scarf Another key accessory is the scarf. It combines fashion with functionality and looks great with almost every outfit.
  4. Loafers Dress shoes will class up almost any outfit. The Italians wear loafers without socks for a cool, spring and summer look.
  5. Tailored Suit No man’s style is complete without a well-made, tailored suit. This does not exclude street style either because this look is frequently seen on the streets of Italy.
  6. Colored Separates While a suit is always a fashionable option, another look seen on the streets of Italy are colored separates. Some color combinations include a navy blazer with orange slacks or navy with beige.
  7. Pocket Square This may seem like an unnoticeable accessory, but it is the little things that count. A brightly colored pocket square will look great with a dark suit.
  8. Sweaters Italians seem to favor wearing sweaters in a particular way: under their blazers and over a crisp button down.
  9. Leather Briefcase The leather briefcase is a fantastic alternative for men who shy away from the man purse trend. In addition, it is a look that will never go out of style.
  10. Bike One thing that Italian men are rarely seen without on the streets of Italy are their bikes. That seems to be the one universal accessory and it looks great with literally any outfit.


  1. Статията за италиянския стил е страхотна. Особено много ми хареса частта с 10те точки. Записвам си някои от тях и си обещавам да ги спазвам. Другите ще добавя в wish list на нужните ми неща. Благодаря ти за споделянето!

  2. Забравих да спомена-новата ти профилна снимка е чудесна!

  3. Благодаря ти Иво за страхотните думи отново:))))) обожавам италианския начин на обличане и мислех, че е крайно време да напиша нещо подобно и аз трябва да се сдобия с някои от нещата в списъка..надявам се скоро :D

  4. Извини ме, допуснал съм правописна грешка в коментара по-горе. Италианския, а не Италиянския :(

  5. Вече си обяснявам от къде идва твоят усет към детайлите в тоалетите ти ;)

    П.С. И аз се влюбих в профилната снимка!

  6. Юли и август бяха повече облечени, отколкото съблечени, не както в България, което е страхотно. Умерени и ненатрапчиви бяха всички. но най-любимото ми беше една баба в парк Independenzia (не знам точно как се пише) с чанта от f/w 2010/2011 на Gucci, с черна рокля и шапка в началото на август. Естествено не позволи да снимам ... А по статията бих прибавила, че единственото нещо, което не ми хареса бяха мъжете с ярко розовите очила на D&G.

  7. чудна е! а понятия като "стил" и "елегантност" са изключително относителни


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