01 June 2010

amazing Amber.

It's time for me to post some pictures of my girl crush Amber Rose.
Before Amber started making stacks for being Kanye's girlfriend, she began her career as a model. I've found some of Amber's modeling pics and I have to say that I'm impressed.

Her street style is absolutely amazing, I love the fact that she always wear doc martens boots. With her ultra short hair and amazing figure, Amber stands out in any crowd for sure! A lot of people think that she wears absolutely ridiculous outfits in a desperate for attention whatever it takes way, a lot of people call her N1 ho and 2nd Kanye’s arm candy, but I think she is different and unique and that scares people. I like it that she does her own thing and doesn’t conform, even if she’s too curvy to be a model.

If I knew I'd look this good, I'd grab a razor and pull a Britney Spears tomorrow :D

I'm really sad about the fact that she got separated with Kanye.


  1. super slab i e stila, ama super ... tva daje neinoto spored mene daje ne e stil ... trendhoping .... dneska balmain e po spisanqta i blogovete, dai balmain ... utre s air yeezy na nike, 6toto vsi4kite sneakerheads samo za tva govorqt, posle s urban ninja pederasiite na owens ... ne e stil da mojesh da si izberesh nai overhyped i nai trendy neshtata ot nai overhyped i trendy brendove ... tva neinoto ne e stil a fashion whore ...

  2. dori taka da e, pak i se polu4ava :P


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