02 June 2010

Bulgaria going vintage.

Although the theme that I intend to hit, completely covers my country Bulgaria, I'll write in English so that more people from different cultures could understand.
I will ignore the fact that half of the people on the streets did not stop
down for two minutes to honor the fallen in battles for the liberation of Bulgaria and in memory of the great revolutionist Hristo Botev, will ignore the fact that my recent observations on our society tend to be negative. I am not one of those who are considered high art and fashion gurus, I do not use the high style of writing, although i'm a philologist by training, I won't began to spit at our "rural" way of dressing or prom nights, I just look at something and if I like it I write about it.
Digging in the archives I found these pictures that in some way show us our past in fashion. I'm really impressed.
Bulgarians years ago had a unique style of dress, they had the culture to take care of their appearance, their calling card in society, everything was world class and we should be proud of! Even after centuries of slavery, we managed to keep abreast with global trends and to be a representative global capital. Today these things are almost gone. We introduce ourselves as French, Italians, and Americans .. pathetic story! I'm sure there is still something to be proud of in here, even if this is not the bulgarian fashion nowdays, but I'm sure it will be someday :)

1930-1940, a clothes store in Sofia.

A portrait of tree young well dressed women.

Elegant ladies from Sofia on a walk around the city.

1943, Varna. A lady with elegant dress.

1939, Varna .A young lady on the pier at sunset.

Teachers and a ZAZ car (Zaporozhets) in front of the school in Vetren dol, 1976. The clogs!!!

This is an advertising of a shop for finished clothing, 1970.

Fashion editorial from 1973, Nessebar. Such a beautiful woman and as you can notice some of the trends for this summer.

"The little princess from Turnovo", 1931. Was Galliano inspired from her? Maybe :)

Two girls in white dresses in front of the General Directorate for Construction and Reconstruction of Sofia, 1944. Their sunglasses reminds me a lot of Chanel ones.
On the other photo there are two ladies with gorgeous hats, 1920-1930.

The left image is a colorful photoshoot for the fashion house "Valentina", 1989. On the right is the Collection of the DSP "Bullet" from the "Center for new goods and fashion", presented in Moscow and Paris in 1968. Absolutely fabulous! Honestly I could never guess this was a photo took in Bulgaria.
I wanted to put all the beautiful photographs from our fashion past, but they are thousands, so I suggest you to visit my image source from the link below.

/i m a g e s o u r c e: lostbulgaria.com/


    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)


  2. Grazie Veronica, per me sarà un piacere seguire il tuo blog, è veramente molto carino!:]

  3. nice blog!!!!



  4. Прекрасен блог!Абсолютно те подкрепям!
    Наистина жалка е историята на тези,които се смятат за американски кокони примерно,а живеят в България,в което няма нищо лошо.Ето показвайки стари фотоси,които би трябвало да се приемат по топло от окото сръвнение с някоя снимка на съвременни модерни мадами в чалга дискотека...примерно.

    П.С И аз бях възмутена от едно момиче на съседната маса в кафето което попита "Какви са тези сирени?" WTF?!


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