08 June 2010

The Blonds

Phillip and David Blond of The Blonds have been creating in-our-face spectacular designs since 2008. Yet some still describe the two as "up and coming." But, they are already "there." After all, they've dressed the biggest A-list celebrities.

Most recently, some of their designs can be found on Carrie and Samantha in “Sex and the City 2”, their fall collection is really amazing and sparkle.

I have to say that I love Carrie's outfit on the karaoke scene, and I absolutely loved Sex and the City 2.
The movie was very funny and very light and pleasing to the female eye. The brilliance, the expensive hotels and designer clothes was certainly able to touch us, even though only for two hours. The end of the film shows how the actresses themselves were able to fall from height and to feel the real taste and religious strictness of the Arab culture, shown in a funny way too. I could not understand the negative critics about the stylists of the selection of clothes for the actresses in the movie, I am extremely fascinated by every single outfit, each of the girls has a style that was artfully emphasized in each scene. They are not such beauties, but they have а unique radiance that entertained me great. I liked that the film faced typical situations in various stages of the relationships between a man and a woman.
I sincerely regret the people who appears to be jealous of the ladies and their adventures and expressed their negative opinion on the movie sets and his beautiful clothes displayed in it!
I will only add that dreaming of such splendor and adventure is not a crime :)


  1. Клипът го пуснах три пъти. Невероятен е. Това не може да се опише с думи. М/у другото, накрая забелязах, че това е мъж всъщност. Изглежда далеч по-добре от повечето жени. :)

  2. нали?! какво тяло има, страшен е!:)


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