23 January 2011

Riccardo is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no words, I am absolutely IN LOVE ...........................................

and this is the cover of the year, definitely

19 January 2011

Camilla Belle @ the from Prada to Nada premiere

Camilla looks absolutely stunning! I love her style and her outfit at the premiere of "from Prada to Nada".

17 January 2011

“Too Beautiful Julia” for Muse

this is simply amazing

Jil Sander fall 2011.

It was evident at the show for Jil Sander’s Fall 2011 collection that Raf Simons intends to continue building upon the minimal aesthetic that he has created for the label. Most notable were the ribbed knits and three-buttoned flecked felt suits, both of which were shown in a number of different colors ranging from orange and fuchsia to blue, grey and mustard. More than a few times, the brightly colored pieces found themselves cleverly situated atop of each other as turtlenecks were layered underneath quilted tops and ribbed sweaters were styled over collared shirts. Even the hood of a utilitarian parka was lined with a contrasting pink lining. Evoking a spirit of youth and adventure, it’s safe to say that Jil Sander will be one of the standout menswear collections of the season. I love it!!!

words: hypebeast staff.

12 January 2011

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall A/W 11 with Julia S.

We always wait with bated breath for the next Proenza Schouler collection, and pre-fall 2011 is no exception. While Jack and Lazaro have dabbled in knits before, it's nothing compared to the print and knitwear explosion that is their latest pre-fall collection. The collection stays true to Proenza's knack for inventive color combinations and interesting silhouettes, offering a host of fair isle sweaters in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Particularly noteworthy are the extra-long JNCO-esque shorts the duo paired with everything from sweaters to a day-glo orange top coat. If there was any doubt, this sealed the deal that the '90s are back in a big way AGAIN. No worries for the uptown girl though, as there are still plenty of beautifully tailored print dresses from which to choose. If this is a taste of what's to come for F/W 2011, we say bring it on..and Julia Stegner looks amazing!!

via refinery29

Club Monaco coat

I am so tired of this cold weather. Every single morning I just don't have any freaking idea of what to wear and go to work. I can't wait for the lovely 10,15 degrees, when you can put your favorite leather coat or jacket. I like pretty much this one from Club Monaco, it's really beautyful!

Ann Demeulemeester High Tops!!

05 January 2011

Louis Vuitton “Tribe” Sneakers ss' 11.

Louis Vuitton has just updated its line of sneakers. For the Summer 2011 collection, new models are emerging as the “Tribe”. This streetwear-inspired sneaker boot in Damier Géant canvas and leather features graphic padded cutouts. They look pretty nice and clean!


The Dilemma is out! GIA MAGAZINE


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