20 June 2010

London Dress Code in the 80's by Beefeater.

After the great success of the first two editions of Beefeater London dress code from the 60's and the 70's (in which I participated with a photoshoot in the popular magazine VICE for the 60's and then I took part in the show for the 70's), the time also came for the third edition of the party - fashion show, sponosored by Beefeater jin. This time I think that everybody that came to see the show were amazed about the whole organization, the place, the music and...everything!

The make-up was really cool and well done by the team of Proface.

I could not miss to show you some pictures from the backstage with all the accessories and the gorgeous shoes that we wore.

The collection was absolutely beautiful, colorful, made from great fabrics, well chosen and it represents in a special way, how the celebrities and young boys and girls used to dress in the 80's. The whole story from the point of view of the students from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, led by Iva Shatz.
People like parties! People like to dress up! And when you combine the two, what do we have? A memorable theme party! The 80's was a GREAT decade known for its opulence and overall "feel good" vibe. I'm sure all the guests have thrown caution to the wind, and have had an incredibly memorable night!

Men wore different styles of clothing in the 80's than they wore in decades before. Gone were the styles from the disco era and in were looks that were never seen before. Many of the styles knew no limits, like The pirate.

I had three outfits from three different designers (all girls), they are all wearable, confortable, feminine and they bring a lot of young spirit and a special desire of having fun.

Fashion’s full-on ’80s revival and our walk on the runway would not be complete without the Scottish punk icon Pam Hogg. The musician and self-taught fashion designer helped us to make a great show playing all the music hits from the mid ’80s.
I really can not forget the famous stylist of celebrities like Lady Gaga, and mention the past London fashion week, where the queen of metallic catsuits staged her comeback with a high-octane show that featured Daisy Lowe and Alice Dellal on the runway and Gareth Pugh and Siouxsie were in the front row.

Like all the street photographers do after a fashion show in Paris, Milan, London or New York, I took some cool pictures of some of the guests of the Beefeater show, with the specific aim to show their street style and mood and I think that you can see a lot of interesting personalities out there :)

After the end of the show, a lot of cool and young boys and girls went on the runway and start dancing on their favourite beats from the 80's.
After that, we all went to the afterparty that was in the famous club Culture Beat in Sofia, where we continued enjoying Pam's music.


  1. Страхотни снимки! Веселото настроение си личи явно. Стилът също.

  2. много благодаря!:))


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