29 December 2011

Suno’s Guilt-Free Sneakers

Would you like to adopt an elephant? Click here.

"The soles of Suno’s first-ever shoes are made out of recycled rubber and all proceeds go towards a wildlife fund to protect baby elephants. A large part of Suno’s mission is to generate textile jobs in Kenya. And, they’re guilt-free in one other very important way: at only $65, compared to Suno’s normal sky-high prices, your buyer’s remorse will be positively nonexistent" :-)


Brian Wood’s Brooklyn Alumni Sweater

STORY BY: Alex Frank

"I’m a little shy about walking around my neighborhood wearing Brian Wood’s sweatshirt with the faces of born-in-Brooklyn legends, since I’m neither a Brooklyn native nor a legend. It makes me feel like I better do something great with my life if I’m going to cut it here. Biggie’s shoes are definitely too big for me to fill, and I did not even know that Michael Jordan was from here, which means Brooklyn birthed the best rapper and the best basketball player of all time. But I do feel a kinship with Lil Kim and Larry David, so that’s cool. I wouldn’t necessary want to model my life after Mike Tyson or ODB, but at least they are originals. Which is maybe the point: there’s not a single person on this sweater who isn’t a wild character in some way. Originality is definitely worth striving for in your own life. For next year’s edition, Brian Wood, I nominate Aaliyah, Woody Allen and Rosie Perez."

Read more: http://www.thefader.com/2011/12/21/brian-woods-brooklyn-alumni-sweater-featuring-lil-kim-notorious-big-and-larry-david/#ixzz1hv9Ndlaj

22 December 2011

Be Visible.

The bulgarian jewellery designer Milko Boyarov talks about his new project: "Be visible embodies the idea of a series of bracelets which reflect the light, fulfilling most women's desire to be seen. Glowing jellyfish served as inspiration for the form.I have strived to reflect the jellyfish's sence of mistique,futuristic energy and minimalism.During the work process my goal was to clean the form as much as possible,leaving only the essential,while impluing the underlying inspiration." Great work!

Be visible
Jewerly design by Milko Boyarov
Directed by Zlatimir Arakliev
Edit: Ivan Popov
Model: Iva Iankulova
Music: mckdbz a.k.a. Tekniq

20 December 2011

M.M. Margiela sunglasses

Verre Formé Round round-frame sunglasses, lovely!

via net-a-porter

Style Shopping

Me, as a jury, that was pretty incredible for a person like me and awesome at the same time. I don't like judging people for their actions, thoughts or appearance, but this time I had to do it, just for fun and for the special fashion event that Serdika Center organized on the 26th of November! Me and two other lovely girls, Jeny Kovacheva - fashion stylist and Gheri Ranghelova - the fashion editor of Cosmopolitan Bulgaria, we chose two great outfits that our finalists from the Style Shopping competition made live for about 10 minutes. They did a great job! You can see all the picture from the event HERE ..
..or you can read the story on Serdika Center's lovely blog ! :-)

Christopher Kane Mechanics.

09 December 2011

The Witch sweater by Medham Kirchhoff.


Olivia P. in Louboutin

Oliva debuted a pair of Christian Louboutin No. 299 Trash sandals ($1,345) from the Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.
This 5.9 inch multicolored platform ankle strap sandal is made up of assorted recycled materials and features water-snake leather detailing at the heel and around the base of the platform.


Theyskens' Theory Pre-Fall 12/13

05 December 2011

Donatella Versace x BIGGIE

After years of Notorious BIG rapping about and wearing Versace, Donatella Versace breaks her silence and returns the love about her fashion brand’s biggest fan in a conversation with Nicki Minaj in the December/January issue of Interview Magazine. For FADER’s Icon issue celebrating Biggie, we commissioned the above illustration from Stacey Rozich to communicate their implicit connection. But, here, Donatella confirms that the love was mutual:

I think Biggie was amazing. He came to my shows in Paris many times, and we’d see each other often. He always used to talk so nicely about my family. I think he was so smart, so intelligent. He had such a mind. So I loved what he was doing and how he was giving people a way to know about Versace—I do think he was giving people a way to know about Versace—I do think a lot of people started to know about Versace because of him.

via thefader

30 November 2011

McQueen Brown Leather & Suede Paneled Boots.

These Brown Leather & Suede Paneled Boots (approx. $658) are one the most interesting releases from Alexander McQueen’s latest footwear collection because of the contrasting color scheme. The dark brown leather on the bottom half of the shoe surrounds the upper half, which features off-white suede panels with light brown leather trim.
For me they could be considered as unisex. On my wishlist for sure!
via upscalehype

Ping Pong Set by Diane von Furstenberg

28 November 2011

24 November 2011

On my way to..

I can't believe that I've been selected for jury duty in a competition that will be on the 26th of November @ Serdika Center. I'm so excited!

See you on the 26th of November!
credit pix:Niki

Technobohemian by John Malkovich

This morning I found something interesting and new for me about one of my favorite actors of all time. He speaks about his collection and sources of inspiration.

"In the creation of my collections I am inspired by the appearance of a bohemian of the new millen-nium. I thought it was necessary to update the figure of the bohemian but not in the traditional way, it was necessary to make it a cosmopolitan present and fully engaged in the technological world we live in today.
Technobohemian is a phrase I read in a yet unpublished Italian novel. I lift it with the author’s per-mission and I will endevour to use it well.
I personally design everything starting from sketches to the choice of fabrics which, with my Italian team, we pay particular attention, to their quality and expression.
The production of garments is entirely made in Italy, except for the denim which comes from Japan.
I have always cultivated interest in fashion and I always loved it, I like the design, I like the details and for me it is simply another form of self-expression. Style is important. I try to convey through my crea-tions. I try to do things in a personal way, in relation to this. Sometimes I draw inspiration from the cinema, sometimes I look at people on the street. There is a strong correlation between the job of the designer and the actor who takes on different roles each time transforming itself. I like to experience the transformation even in the clothes we design, every transformation is basically a confirmation that we are constantly being born."

John Malkovich


20 November 2011

U-Lica x Sassa B. colorful saturday

That's me dressed with this gorgeous Sassa Bjorg trench coat. The leggings are also Sassa B.
You can read more about this project HERE!

pic credits: Style by Ivanina /stylebyivanina.blogspot.com/

Isabel M.

Isabel Marant Perkins suede and leather wedge sneakers - LOVE!


Green motion x ELLE dec 2011.

This is something I did for Elle magazine Bulgaria. It came out pretty colorful and lovely..another "model" experience for me haha. I would like to thank the great team that I had the chance to work with! <3

Styling - Antonia Yordanova
Hair - Desi Grozdeva
Make Up - Alina Manova
Photography - Momchil Hristov
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