20 September 2012

Unemployee Of The Year

United Colors of Benetton is introducing a campaign called ‘Unemployee of the Year‘, which seeks to challenge the clichés about youth unemployment while asserting a belief in the creativity and dignity of the world’s youth. The new campaign will reach audiences in more than 35 countries, including the U.S., France, China, India, and Brazil. It invites 18-30 year olds to visit the Unhate Foundation site, where they can build a profile, upload their data, and create an “un-work experience” CV, allowing them to present themselves and communicate what they stand for. Campaign Addresses Unemployment Issue, Asks Are You ‘Unemployee Of The Year'? They can then submit a project in areas ranging from art to communication, from socially to environmentally conscious. These will be hosted on the website, and voting will be open to all the ‘Unemployee of the Year’ community members until October 14th. By October 31st, 100 out-of-work young people will be awarded €5000 each to help fund a project they are passionate about. Through a partnership with the MTV Network, United Colors of Benetton will also release a global TV spot that follows the lives of four motivated young people as they struggle to find a job or champion a cause they are passionate about.

via PSFK 

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