28 June 2010

Dreaming about the beach with..

Today I'm not in a mood to write, the only thing I want to do is to lie down on the sand and relax. I'm tired of this town full of chaos.
The beach is the right place where vanity will never leave us and when we start talking and wondering about the perfect bathing suit, the answer lies in our favorite Brazilian brands like Rosa Cha or Cia Maritima, worn by celebs and models with sexy bodies and tan. I choose this two gorgeous pieces from R.C. and to complete the whole outfit I added my top fav shoes and bag from Rachel Comey and Pharrell's Moncler black jacket, the "pacifist version of the bulletproof vest", just in case if you accidentally get cold or someone is trying to shoot you haha ;)

Super "W"

Rachel Comey

P.W. x Moncler.

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