30 September 2010

Bear Hugs.

The teddy bear jacket by Sebastian Errazuriz

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals Teddy Bear

29 September 2010

Vika Gazinskaya s/s 2011.

The Russian designer Vika Gazinskaya is an almost constant presence around here. Her design aesthetic includes playing with different volumes while at the same time keeping the lines clean and crisp. As you can see in the pictures, Vika is taking a turn from the classic, dark color palette and indulges us into more vivid hues, reminiscent of the greens and blues specific to summer. Gazinskaya will be presenting her new S/S 2011 collection in Paris and these are the first images from the lookbook, showed in a great and fashionable way.

via sweetfancytreat & vogue russia

27 September 2010

Tradizione, qualità, stile ed eleganza. part 2.

And this was it, the greatest show for me from this fashion week, one of the greatest designers ever and my top favorite, your attention please to Roberto Cavalli's collezione donna p/e 2011, celebrating 40 years of luxury. The Cavalli woman is always unique, always strong but in a way romantic, she is sexy, she's got style, she is always inspired and influenced by different eras and cultures, she is glamorous, she is like a wild animal and not afraid of showing it with all this animal prints glam, she is famous and a real diva, she shines with crystals and 70's fringe, she may be a gipsy goddess or an indian princess, she is a supermodel, she is absolutely stunning!

Tradizione, qualità, stile ed eleganza. part 1.

Milan fashion week s/s 2011.

La moda italiana è sinonimo di qualità, stile ed
eleganza e vanta di una lunga e prestigiosa tradizione!

The most exciting week of the year (for those interested in fashion of course) is coming to his end. Exactly, the last week of September, the place is Milan, with the mileage boulevards with large white pavers, thousands of evening aperitif bars where you can taste the most gustosa pasta fredda, the loudly speaking curly Italian guys with blue shirts, that says hi to you, the long-legged walking models in via Montenapoleone .. one of my favorite places, one of the most beautiful places in the world, but only because of the boutiques, because of the tones of tradition and history in the clothing, the unique style, the elegance and Mediterranean spirit. I was fascinated about this spring fashion week in Milan, I liked almost every show of the big names in fashion.
Frida Giannini did a great job @ Gucci, keeping the strong and sexy look of the clothes, I loved the colors, the golden belts, the hair, the make-up, everything was absolutely perfect and so Gucci! Max Mara always creates my whole idea of being stylish in an Italian way, the clean and feminine silhouettes, the fabrics. Blumarine for this spring is maybe my top favorite show, I love so much animal prints in different colors, Anna always keeps the girlish in her clothes, the romantic spirit and they look so sexy at the same time, she always creates the image of a princess, but very very modern.
Max Mara


I never tough that I would put pictures from a Prada show, cuz I never really liked Miuccia's style and her way of putting together her pieces, but this season I am really excited about the whole look of the show and the girls! The sunglasses are so Willy Wonka haha but I love them..and as I see the new print on every t-shirt in the confection stores will be a monkey, like the cat in the previous season.
Even if I don't like Prada so much, this brand means a lot more that you could possibly ever imagine. I remember when I was 13 at school in Rome, for the richest girls and boys from my class, Prada and Gucci were the top brands in their wardrobes! Because these brands in Italy mean class, they mean a social position, a way of thinking, haha. I'll never forget the white Prada scarf of one of the girls from my class, on side was knitted and the other one was from some kind of a oilcloth with the red rubber Prada label! It was awesome!

The absolute beauty comes with the shows of Ferragamo, Etro and Fendi, which sunglasses I MUST have! I loved the skirts, the long dresses, I would wear every single outfit right here.
I am really disappointed from the return of Versus, I didn't like Versace at all, all the glamour was in a way lost, the hair of the models was so boring.
I am a little bit disappointed from Peter Dundas collection for Pucci, it was so so Cavalli spring 2005, the typical Pucci elements that Lacroix used to emphasize so well, are absolutely gone, but the collection, it's still absolutely beautiful.
Dolce & Gabbana were on top once again, Moschino and Missoni classic as usual.

all @ style.com

24 September 2010

23 September 2010

Peter Jensen vs. River Island hat with ears.

COOL, Isaw it @ mashkulture

London fashion week spring 2011 favorites.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith is my absolute top favorite designer from this spring London fashion week. I loved the whole look and spirit of the collection, the dandy shoes, the colors, the masculine suits, the hair reminds me a lot of my favorite shows from Versace and YSL fall 2004, and related to that, I saw Anna Dello Russo wearing YSL shoes from the same fall '04 collection during the NY fashion week '11, shame on you Anna! :)

I liked pretty much Burberry's leather leggings, skirts and jacket with ribs, the super cool spring colors of the tiny belts and bags, the slit of the shoes near the ankle is so my type, very sexy and I liked that they kept the black color even if it reminds more of the fall.

Antonio Berardi
Great early 90's spirit with this awesome raincoat, great colors once again and fabrics.

Julien Mcdonald

Mathew Williamson
In Mathew Williamson' s collection I loved the tribal elements on the dresses, trend that I noticed in a lot of the spring collections during these fashion weeks, thumbs up for the animal prints!

21 September 2010

Nicki Minaj x Complex Mag.

I love her face and her style, she is becoming a huge star, a real phat ass chick and a fashion icon

20 September 2010

daily color - TILE.

Givenchy medium pandora shoulder bag

The TUF Skytop II in Burgundy Spackle Women's Sneakers By Supra @ karmaloop and
Step Up, Sofia.

19 September 2010

Sunday in colors.

A great walk in the park, a great day, with my best friend, looking at some beautiful graffiti, eating popcorn, saying goodbye to the summer.

17 September 2010

Ralph Lauren spring 2011.

I just can't express the excitement that I feel right now about the Ralph Lauren's spring collection, it's absolutely my style and I am so happy that I bought myself a new pair of cowboy boots for my collection! These are the elements that will never go out of style!

15 September 2010

NY fashion week spring 2011 sneak peek

Donna Karan


Marc Jacobs

Tommy Hilfiger

Derek Lam

The Fashion Week in New York is probably the time where most of the designers emphasize femininity through a very simple shapes and silhouettes of their models, with lightweight silk fabrics, the American glamor of being a celebrity. The American style is very specific, I' m not sure if I' m able to describe in words what I mean, but mentioning names like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein or Donna Karan, something automatically appears in my head - the very modern and expensive looking of the clothes, very simple and at the same time with some Hollywood gloss. The American designers, in my opinion, can show the perfect combinations of the clothing emphasizing the confidence and the beauty of the woman and she somehow seems American. Many people don't like this fashion week, maybe because the clothes themselves have not the burden of the years of history, that is accumulated in the clothing and culture, they are unable to reproduce so many elements and details from different eras, which is explainable by the fact that America is a young country, but I like their style and I wanted to share my favorite looks from this fashion week.

Carmen Pedaru x Max Azria

Carlos Miele

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11 September 2010


Today I went to see my grandmother and my aunt for her birthday and guess what was maybe the second thing that I did - I start digging in her closet of course, in search of some cool vintage pieces and I wasn't disappointed at all..
My aunt is known for her unique way of dressing, I describe it very "art" and colorful, but that's not a surprise because she used to work in an art gallery for a long long time, a place where I used to spend a lot of time too..and her passion for history and art explains her interesting style.

In her closet I found this awesome bag that she used to wear (this is actually a camera bag), her vintage scarfs, but these over here are just some of her collection; two pairs of shoes that I absolutely adore, she got them from Italy and a raincoat from 1968, it was actually her uncle's.

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