11 September 2010


Today I went to see my grandmother and my aunt for her birthday and guess what was maybe the second thing that I did - I start digging in her closet of course, in search of some cool vintage pieces and I wasn't disappointed at all..
My aunt is known for her unique way of dressing, I describe it very "art" and colorful, but that's not a surprise because she used to work in an art gallery for a long long time, a place where I used to spend a lot of time too..and her passion for history and art explains her interesting style.

In her closet I found this awesome bag that she used to wear (this is actually a camera bag), her vintage scarfs, but these over here are just some of her collection; two pairs of shoes that I absolutely adore, she got them from Italy and a raincoat from 1968, it was actually her uncle's.


  1. Ей, какви находки, и то многобройни. Следващият път ми се обади, ако ти наложи да търсиш отново. Веднага ще помогна. :P

  2. Amazing... such gems!! Bravo na teb!! IAG xoxo

  3. Mnogo se radvam, 4e vi haresvat!:)))
    ..stanah raznogleda v4era, ima6e tolkova mnogo ne6ta

  4. оххх,сините обувки....направо се влюбих в тях:))Страхотни находки

  5. I adore those shoes, I would love to rock those. Following you!



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