15 September 2010

NY fashion week spring 2011 sneak peek

Donna Karan


Marc Jacobs

Tommy Hilfiger

Derek Lam

The Fashion Week in New York is probably the time where most of the designers emphasize femininity through a very simple shapes and silhouettes of their models, with lightweight silk fabrics, the American glamor of being a celebrity. The American style is very specific, I' m not sure if I' m able to describe in words what I mean, but mentioning names like Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein or Donna Karan, something automatically appears in my head - the very modern and expensive looking of the clothes, very simple and at the same time with some Hollywood gloss. The American designers, in my opinion, can show the perfect combinations of the clothing emphasizing the confidence and the beauty of the woman and she somehow seems American. Many people don't like this fashion week, maybe because the clothes themselves have not the burden of the years of history, that is accumulated in the clothing and culture, they are unable to reproduce so many elements and details from different eras, which is explainable by the fact that America is a young country, but I like their style and I wanted to share my favorite looks from this fashion week.

Carmen Pedaru x Max Azria

Carlos Miele

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