27 September 2010

Tradizione, qualità, stile ed eleganza. part 1.

Milan fashion week s/s 2011.

La moda italiana è sinonimo di qualità, stile ed
eleganza e vanta di una lunga e prestigiosa tradizione!

The most exciting week of the year (for those interested in fashion of course) is coming to his end. Exactly, the last week of September, the place is Milan, with the mileage boulevards with large white pavers, thousands of evening aperitif bars where you can taste the most gustosa pasta fredda, the loudly speaking curly Italian guys with blue shirts, that says hi to you, the long-legged walking models in via Montenapoleone .. one of my favorite places, one of the most beautiful places in the world, but only because of the boutiques, because of the tones of tradition and history in the clothing, the unique style, the elegance and Mediterranean spirit. I was fascinated about this spring fashion week in Milan, I liked almost every show of the big names in fashion.
Frida Giannini did a great job @ Gucci, keeping the strong and sexy look of the clothes, I loved the colors, the golden belts, the hair, the make-up, everything was absolutely perfect and so Gucci! Max Mara always creates my whole idea of being stylish in an Italian way, the clean and feminine silhouettes, the fabrics. Blumarine for this spring is maybe my top favorite show, I love so much animal prints in different colors, Anna always keeps the girlish in her clothes, the romantic spirit and they look so sexy at the same time, she always creates the image of a princess, but very very modern.
Max Mara


I never tough that I would put pictures from a Prada show, cuz I never really liked Miuccia's style and her way of putting together her pieces, but this season I am really excited about the whole look of the show and the girls! The sunglasses are so Willy Wonka haha but I love them..and as I see the new print on every t-shirt in the confection stores will be a monkey, like the cat in the previous season.
Even if I don't like Prada so much, this brand means a lot more that you could possibly ever imagine. I remember when I was 13 at school in Rome, for the richest girls and boys from my class, Prada and Gucci were the top brands in their wardrobes! Because these brands in Italy mean class, they mean a social position, a way of thinking, haha. I'll never forget the white Prada scarf of one of the girls from my class, on side was knitted and the other one was from some kind of a oilcloth with the red rubber Prada label! It was awesome!

The absolute beauty comes with the shows of Ferragamo, Etro and Fendi, which sunglasses I MUST have! I loved the skirts, the long dresses, I would wear every single outfit right here.
I am really disappointed from the return of Versus, I didn't like Versace at all, all the glamour was in a way lost, the hair of the models was so boring.
I am a little bit disappointed from Peter Dundas collection for Pucci, it was so so Cavalli spring 2005, the typical Pucci elements that Lacroix used to emphasize so well, are absolutely gone, but the collection, it's still absolutely beautiful.
Dolce & Gabbana were on top once again, Moschino and Missoni classic as usual.

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  1. И на мен Gucci ми допадна най-много като цялостна колекция, като акценти, като вдъхновение. Определено обаче Раф Саймънс за Jil Sander ще е Колекцията от Милано, която ще бъде запомнена. Аксесоарите при Fendi и Prada са ми любими.


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