15 November 2011

Tuesday in the mix

I just can't explain myself from where did I get the idea of this constant mixing of different styles, like sport sweatshirts combined with maxi skirts from "romantic" fabrics like lace or gorgette, heels, studs, bomber jackets. However, this is the perfect outfit for today: a Mulberry pear intarsia wool-blend sweater, a pleated georgette maxi skirt from Vince, a pair of Laboutin suede and metal pumps, a Rockstud oversized leather clutch from Valentino, all available @netaporter. To such a combination I would add a Moncler women blue vest.


  1. Точно така бих се облякла и аз!

  2. Комбинациите, които правят хората в облеклото си изразяват тяхната личност. Аз, ако се облека така би било нелепо, но виж на теб ще ти пасне перфектно. Затова колкото хора, толкова и различни стилове и това е най-готиното в цялата работа. :o)))))


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