04 August 2011

THE HEREAFTER Collaboration.

The Hereafter Collaboration is a project of three young bulgarian artists: Zlatimir Arakliev, Mila Ateva and Milko Boyarov. Zlatimir is a photographer, Milko is a jewelery designer and Mila a fashion designer as you already know from previous posts of mine. In this project they use to pick up moments of different religions and places and time from the whole world from their point of view and they put it in one editorial with no borders and no detestation, while preserving the passion and the power of all of them from Persian queen on the first frame, African power on the second frame to Pious nun from Vatican ..to the future were everybody gonna be minutely and humble without mercantile and acquisitive feelings....fine and FREE. All the jewels and clothes are made for the photoshoot.

All jewelrys: Milko Boyarov
MakeUp:Greta Velikova
All clothes: Mila Ateva
Model: Rose Marie
Photography: Zlatimir Arakliev

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