29 December 2011

Brian Wood’s Brooklyn Alumni Sweater

STORY BY: Alex Frank

"I’m a little shy about walking around my neighborhood wearing Brian Wood’s sweatshirt with the faces of born-in-Brooklyn legends, since I’m neither a Brooklyn native nor a legend. It makes me feel like I better do something great with my life if I’m going to cut it here. Biggie’s shoes are definitely too big for me to fill, and I did not even know that Michael Jordan was from here, which means Brooklyn birthed the best rapper and the best basketball player of all time. But I do feel a kinship with Lil Kim and Larry David, so that’s cool. I wouldn’t necessary want to model my life after Mike Tyson or ODB, but at least they are originals. Which is maybe the point: there’s not a single person on this sweater who isn’t a wild character in some way. Originality is definitely worth striving for in your own life. For next year’s edition, Brian Wood, I nominate Aaliyah, Woody Allen and Rosie Perez."

Read more: http://www.thefader.com/2011/12/21/brian-woods-brooklyn-alumni-sweater-featuring-lil-kim-notorious-big-and-larry-david/#ixzz1hv9Ndlaj

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