07 July 2010

I LOVE bulgarian models.

I begin with the fact that I want to emphasize that the characters and the pictures in this post are completely my taste, without wanting to inflict my views or trying to show how much I know about the fashion industry.
It’s not a secret that from a long time I have the strange desire to make someday my own fashion agency because, as I said, my favorite thing of the fashion world are the models and therefore I choose the girls from the pictures below! :)
Recently I even wanted to start a project, with a friend of mine, a photographer, in which to make pictures of interesting people and their style of life - we have agreed not to shoot professional models, but naturally this is not possible because of my strange criteria of the female beauty lol (tall and skinny). I decided to post some photos of my favorite female faces in the Bulgarian fashion. Some of them I have seen live and I know personally - others, I can not give a real appreciation of their character .. here I exclusively wanted to show their appearance.

Karina & Christina - my top favorite models.

Gergana & Gia - the perfection itself.

I will tell you something else. In my humble experience as a model nearly three years ago in a Bulgarian fashion agency, I have seen a lot of absurds, related to this not so gainful job here in our country. I want to emphasize here that our models are totally underappreciated, not to say that this is pure mockery and exploitation of the rare beauty of the young girls, that corresponds to world standards in the fashion industry.
At this time if I didn’t sign a contract for five years with the agency , they used to send me to do promotions in supermarkets or to similar humiliating events, which do not meet away that tear of walking on fitness, the all starving thing and the cosmetic procedures (paid entirely on my own) - things which should take care the agency itself, as worldwide.
Another ridiculous thing is that, you can’t be paid from 30 to 100 leva for a show and nobody could ever convince me that this is because of our country standard, I can not agree that this is correct .. you also get to shoot different magazine covers, famous magazines, for free and they try to convince you that this is for your own advertising. Wearing your own shoes at shows, cuz our designers simply do not make shoes!! I don’t want to mention what exactly happens here in Bulgaria, because all people know.
Another thing, which is quite a shame, is to walk on stages with horrible decors (even without any) with mind-boggling ugly clothes with nonexistent cuts and fabrics that you can buy at any fabric store. I know that this will change, and I've seen that we have many talented young designers who will make some day a Fashion Week here too.

Gloria & Hristina - the young and fresh faces, Hristina is only 15 and after a few editorials she is already on top. The great personality of Gloria has conquered our hearts.

Iva & Pirina - absolute beauty.

And now about the models, I wish to each of them to have a successful career abroad (however, many of them already have one). I think that the only problems of the Bulgarian models is the heigh, however I wish them also lots of luck in the destruction of the formidable competition with an average height of 1.80; and the fact that they are so inflated, they should be more down to earth! Girls, just be yourself and show it in every possible way, because individuality is very fashionable now. Finally I want to make an appealing to all the famous designers who are reading this post, you should take our girls for your ad campaigns and editorials! :)

Mariya & Maya
Alexandra & Blaga

Tanya & Vanya
Petya & Silvia
Tanya & Silvia
Rositza & Stanimira.

I took the photos from the official sites of the agencies of the girls. I would realy like to get the chance to take pictures of the girls as a real blogger does and get the chance to show you their personal style.

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