21 March 2012

FURLA ss12 fashion show @SerdikaCenter

The orgaznization of the event was great! I loved the show! The Furla collection for spring-summer 2012 is a rich travel diary filled with visual and tactile notes on the Mediterranean and Italian tradition. The colours of nature. The blue of the sky, the black and white of rocks and pebbles, the warm earth tones such as honey, red and yellow, with gold and silver accents.
The materials: bull hide, vintage-effect leather, coarse salt-and-pepper canvas, as well as reptile skin and materials of high-tech inspiration such as neoprene.

A natural, bright atmosphere in which the Candy Bag takes center stage with a series of special editions, including the highly distinctive rubber boston bag with python-print cowhide trim presented in a fresh, lively turquoise. It is an all-Italian creative game that continues with other versions featuring bold juxtapositions and a combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship: rubber and wicker in perfect La Dolce Vita style, rubber and ostrich-feather boa worthy of the red carpet in Venice, and rubber and super-light aluminium, riveted like the fuselage of an aeroplane.

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  1. Thanks for being with us at the show, Yana and thanks for your lovely insight. You've captured lovely focuses of the show.


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