10 January 2012

"Alteration" by Greg Lauren

It's good to be in Paris at this time of the year because of the interesting events happening all the time. This time Colette wins for the multiple installations of paper from Greg Lauren, from January 9.

The acclaimed artist will continue his ongoing exploration of perhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifsonal identity and its relationship to clothing at the renowned fashion boutique in Paris. The installation serves to further define the evolution from paper sculptures based on iconic menswear garments, to wearable pieces, which make up the Greg Lauren Collection. Awesome, the prices also!
"Alteration at Colette", will consist of 14 standing paper sculptures, including, "The Marine", "Charcoal DB", "White DB Dinner Jacket" and "The Boxer." Collectively these pieces represent the classic male archetypes, most recognized by society. "For the installation, I have created sculptures with a greater sense of irony, such as Peacock" explains Lauren, "a three piece suit in white paper covered in multiple pocket squares and The Man of Steel, a classic peak lapel suit made entirely from vintage Superman comics."

Each sculpture is painstakingly hand-sewn using Japanese paper in true-to-scale uniforms, suits, shirts and shoes among other carefully crafted accessories. "Every piece is made with the same approach as if were done by a real tailor, seamstress and shoemaker..." Says Lauren. “I manipulate the paper medium to simulate various materials, such as wool, cotton and gabardine and create frayed edges, creases and folds to give visual authenticity to the garment."

You can read more HERE.

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