07 June 2011

National Academy of Arts show.

Bulgaria has got talents for sure. That was a part of what I saw last night @ the National Academy of Arts show of the students in their last year of studiyng fashion design. There were 13 short collections from different designers, from which I loved 3 or 4. The whole organization was pretty good, the place was perfect and I think the people enjoyed it. A lot of top faces models took part in the show, there was a great selection of the music too. I don't want to share my opinion about the clothes and the collections, I'll keep it for myself, but I'm sharing some pictures that I took last night so you can decide by yourself and create your own opinion. More pictures to come... :)


  1. Браво на завръшилите! Хубави са колекциите, обаче все си мисля, че може и повече :) Най-много ми харесват T-shirt-ите накрая :)
    mademoiselle E.

  2. Яна, благодаря първо за споделените снимки. Ще чакам и още, както си обещала. Аз съм по хвалбите, не по критиките-затова мога да кажа, че мъжките дрехи, както и последните два тоалета много ми харесват.

  3. Има хубави попадения, като тениските с принт и сивкавата колекция рокли :) Дано младите бг дизайнери продължават все така :)


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