04 October 2010

PRADA "Made in..." project.

In the early twentieth century Mario Prada (Miuccia Prada’s grandfather) traveled the world in search of precious materials, exotic leathers and luxurious fabrics, but also to discover sophisticated craftsmen and manufacturers to realize his designs. The first Prada products (bags, suitcases, gloves, walking sticks, bottles and glasses) were made by Alsatian and Austrian leather artisans, Bohemian crystal-makers, English silversmiths, as well as by Italian artisans using materials such as rare ivory, tortoiseshell, ebony and precious stones and leathers from all over the globe.

This curious connoisseur's spirit remains at the heart of Prada, and translates into a sort of antidote to homologation and globalization so often seen among its competitors. Using Mario's original approach, Prada collaborates with many different artisans to produce its designs utilizing the traditional craftsmanship, materials, and manufacturing techniques of a specific region.

This tactic will be soon explicit in the new "Made in..." project, a series of local products with special labeling declaring the origin of each piece.

by Paolo Ferrarini @coolhunting

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