26 May 2010

“RockStar 101″

"I'm a rock star" is the most used cliche nowadays. However, epic or a total Trash is considered Rihanna's new video? Or maybe you should take a lesson from her: Being a rock star means being able to strut your stuff while wearing a sexy, slick bodysuit, fierce stilettos, and a fiery red wig. At least that’s the lesson coming out of her new video and when it comes to fashion Rihanna is always a step ahead. R paid ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, who contributed a rocking guitar solo to the song, by dressing as him, complete with curly wig and hat. (Bassist Nikki Sixx of rock band Motley Crue actually was asked to make appearance in the video too, but he declined the offer). We have also Travis Barker playing the drums. But honestly, I don't like this song as much as her previous one. And in the end what it turns out to be? - rock music remains forever, every generation listen to it and music divas like R knows that! You are considered to be in line with fashion trends, if you choose the right rock band on which to emulate and imitate their style of dressing, without even knowing their songs! Watch out Rihanna, my mom gave birth to me while listening to Guns, so I know exactly what is everything about!:)

Balmain is a fashion brand often worn by Rihanna, maybe one of her favorites. The coolest white blazer ever, very suitable for a real rock star outfit! The bag, the tiger print t-shirt and the belt are Balmain too. And the most important things about this style are the top hat and the cowboy boots! Every member of my family has got at least 3 pairs!:P

We love you Slash!

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